Navy Blue Carpet Bag, Blue Brown Carpet Bag, Denim Look Carpet Bag

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Denim Look Carpet Bag, Navy Blue Carpet Bag, Blue Brown Carpet Bag With Extra Large
Outer Pockets

Travel in style with my navy blue and brown, tan zippered carpet bag set.  

The navy in this extra large bag is a heavy duty upholstery fabric with striations that may remind
you of some denim fabrics, but it is indeed heavy upholstery fabric.  The extra large outer pocket
and straps are made with a medium brown and tan heavy upholstery fabric, with an underlay of
the navy.  

The outer bag features an extra large pocket on each side of the bag.  The pocket will fit full size
magazines to give you size perspective, as you can see from one of the photos.  The magazines
will push down in the pocket and not really be seen. When fully pushed down to the bottom of the
pocket the top of the magazines are about even with the top of the pocket.   I raised them for
photos to show that they fit.  

Bag lining: the upper is navy blue solid with the lower in a brushed medium brown solid bottom
weight fabrics.  The pockets are interfaced and made in a tossed navy and off white cotton print.

Seventh photo shows lining and pockets. 

You will find 2 foam padded pockets on one side of the bag.  One is a large pocket, which fits my
Samsung tablet.  The other pocket will accommodate your chargers and accessories.  My tablet is
full size, approx. 6"x10".  My tablet fits inside the larger pocket with a bit of room to spare.  

The other side of the bag has 6 generous pockets in various sizes spanning across the width of the

To prevent sagging, a hard wood bottom covered in the same brushed brown fabric as in the lower
lining is included.  This is a very sturdy and strong bag.  I do not skimp on supplies for my bag
making.  I use plenty of stabilizer, interfacing, upholstery threads when applicable, whatever it
takes to make a strong bag.  

Bottom of the bag has 6 generous antique brass feet for protection.

Bag measurements are:

23" wide across the top

18" wide across the bottom

14 1/2" tall

8 1/4" depth between the front and back of bag

Handles have a 9" drop, fits comfortably on your shoulder if desired.

A heavy duty brass separating zipper secures the bag.  This bag has concealed wooden inserts to
hold the bag open while you are packing and unpacking.

The smaller zipper bag as you can see is made with the same fabrics as the big bag.  The bag is
lined in the brushed brown.  This bag has pockets inside made with the tossed navy and off white
print.  One side of the bag is divided into 2 pockets, with the other side having 3 pocket divisions. 


12" wide across the top

9 1/4" high

4 1/2" depth between front and back of bag

I realize shipping is very high on this bag.  If shipping turns out to be less, I will refund you the
difference.  However, it is more likely shipping will be higher than I am charging.  I've paid up to
$75.00 to ship a carpet bag, depending on how far your state is from me.  I ship my carpet bags in
an appropriate sized box with packing materials inside and outside the bag.  Your bag will not be
folded down and smashed to fit in a smaller box to save money, it's not worth it to me for my
customers to receive a wrinkled, smashed down bag to save a few dollars.

Made in the United States of America

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